Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tossing and Shoring

We are still floating in a state of job uncertainty, at least two more weeks to bob in the unknown. In addition to a move to Grand Rapids, the specter of Cincinnati looms. Still, all the hand wringing could just suddenly disappear and nothing will change, except all of my closets and cupboards will be cleaned. Good Will is tired of seeing me. I hide behind the blinds as my trash man heaves away the overflowing barrels. We should really be under this stress for the entire summer. So many things need to go. While I am tossing things overboard, the Finlander is shoring. This week on his journeys he captured thick wooden spoons “strong enough to beat our grandchildren with,” and a set of shining soup spoons.


Talia said...

When Joe worked for Sears they were "restructuring" and everyone had to reapply for their jobs, and when certain jobs were eliminated, soome people were moved around and some people were let go (and immediately escorted off of the premises). Waiting for the answer of whether or not he would have employment was awful. In the end he stayed in his same position. The whole experience did make me apprreciate all we had a bit more.

Charmi said...

Right now we're both feeling rather content in the uncertainty, if that makes any sense. It just feels like a nice strong wind that shakes alll the dead limbs from the trees, and we certainly need shaking, let me tell you.