Thursday, March 31, 2011

Only The Answers Are Evidence

{First Responder}

I was a fireman and an EMT
For a possible hit and run

On Blue Star Highway
The victim, well, the person was lying beside the white line

To see if she was alive

What her face looked like
Stuck to the pavement

When we rolled her, I kind of had
to grab her face, to pull her face up
to get her head straight

What we call a load and go

I went and puked

I went to the bathroom to wash my hands
It just seemed like I could not get my hands clean

I couldn't get –
I couldn't get past that

We were not able to determine
We could not –
We could not determine death

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pencil It In

"You Can Use The Colored Pencils Any Way You Choose" was accepted by Sugar House Review & will be out in the fall. Yay!

Not On My Shift

Q. Did she baby-sit from her home? Did she work for a daycare?
A. Oh, no, it was at the care center. And there were lactating children.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

We Were Headed Down Ninth Street

When Block said, I got to go catch some bread.

So we went.
I was the passenger at the time.

He had got a bag
out of the house, like a gym

bag or something. He knock
on the door. They answer.

You got my money?
I need time. Well,

you ain’t have it.
The next thing you know

he went in the bag.
He started pulling

out some tape. So he
looked at me and winked

like he was going
to scare him, you know.

He started duct taping him,
you know. And I'm wondering

why the dude ain't
resisting or nothing. He just

laying there. He just taping
him. This guy didn't – he

just laid down. He just – I'm looking
at the guy like, You ain't even

going to give up no fight? You
know, so the guy laid down.

Victor taped him up. He was
behind his back. And I think

he taped his eyes. He taped his eyes.
And I don't know if his mouth – I

don't remember if it was
his mouth or not.

And then there was a girl in there.
So the girl say, CJ, what are you doing?

That was what they called him, CJ.
And then he was like – he told her

just like, Shut up, and then he went
and started taping her. So then he

went in the bag and he pulled
out like a little knife. And he pulled out

a 40 caliber. She was like –
she started crying. I could hear

her crying. So he looked at me
again and he said, um – he grabbed –

as he was grabbing the guy head –
hair, you know, like he was pulling

up his head and he put
the knife like right here. And he say,

If you feel like you're gonna
throw up you need to leave. So I'm

looking at him and I walked –
I walked –

you know, I walked out
the front door. I shut the front door.

Then I hear something
like a loud noise like I

guess the man jumped up.
After he cut him, he kind

of like –
I guess like flopped on the floor.

Then I heard pow pow.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Technically Speaking

(From transcript land)

It's called a "mother liquor purge stripper."

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Spring Tour

Oh, spring mania. I'm dangerous to myself, I fear. I signed up for an entire month of daily copy work and then last night on a whim bought an old lady bicycle on the internet. By old lady I mean a three-speed city bike, navy blue (not the ocean color above) women's. It even comes with my very own bell. I turned over my men's Fuji 10-speed a few years ago to Tom. Come to think of it, it was also blue. It did not, however, have a bell.