Thursday, May 10, 2007

Has This Ever Happened To You?

So, I'm thinking about found text. Here's a little court dialogue that was amusing me while I was trying to finish up all my classes. Probably why I got a C+ on my research paper.

Q. Has this ever happened to you?
A. Yes.
Q. Have you ever consulted a doctor about this?
A. About my inability to get the egg into the frying pan fast enough? No.
Q. Have you taken any actions to correct your behavior to prevent further overheating of cooking oils or fats?
A. I don't turn the pan up as high.
Q. When did you decide you would like to start taking corrective action?
A. About burning the butter?
Q. Yes, in your cooking habits.
A. I didn't decide to take corrective action.
Q. Do you own a bird?


Talia said...

Hmmm...that has never happened to me. Your job, though it keeps you busy, must give you excellent material to work with.

Charmi said...

You must cook more. You never know what will happen. The case went on, "Have you ever had to call the fire department because of your cooking?"

david dodd lee said...

This is a scream. My suggestion:
make excerpting your transcript
a semi-regular part of your blog.

Charmi said...

Yes, found text definitely has possibilities.

I have finally started Housekeeping. I bought it last fall when you recommended it, but haven't had a chance to open it until now. I'm only a few pages in, but it is very good.