Monday, May 07, 2007

Not Worth a Darn

At noon on Saturday I arrived at a place called caught up. I wasn't sure what to do. This place always makes me nervous. Suddenly it's my turn to choose the moves. I am endeavouring to persevere. I have opened up Animal Soul by Bob Hicok. It's quite good, funny, sharp. Perhaps it will help me get into the writing mood. The end of the semester has left me a little dry, as the blog will attest. In the meantime, I am emptying closets and bookshelves, abandoning things I've outgrown, figuring out what I absolutely can't do without. Job instability has shown its face to the Finlander. Leaving my street today felt like leaving the womb. Okay. That was stupid. No one actually remembers what leaving the womb feels like. Well, I certainly don't, but since I get claustrophic it probably felt good. But I just can't quite nail the feeling. One hundred and one metaphors for leaving and not one worth a darn.


Talia said...

Are you moving?

Talia said...

I remember being in theat place during the semester. It usually had to do with reading novel after novel after novel. I'm glad your here, though.