Friday, May 25, 2007

God Things

I am watching some robins build a nest right outside my bedroom window and I figure I am the luckiest woman alive. I look up from my computer and there they are, sitting in the young catalpa tree that I didn’t plant, but didn’t pull either, because I am not very good at weeding and besides, catalpa trees have the best fishing worms and it was probably a God thing, which you should never mess with. So anyway, I am here and they are there, not ten feet from my face, trailing bits of stuff they gathered from who knows where and we’re just going to be here together and it’s going to be a fine summer, really fine.


david dodd lee said...

It's great simply that you have a
catalpa tree in your yard!!

Charmi said...

You're telling me! It just showed up one day a couple of summers ago. When I finally got around to weeding that area I recognized the leaves. As of today the catalpa is wearing a very attractive white girdle to keep my numerous cats at bay.