Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Life is starting to move. Gene has an interview in Texas next week for a job in his company which won’t require any move. He is doing massive prep reading and has trimmed his beard, although before he leaves I might help him fine-tune. He’s heading down to Texas early Saturday to spend a few days with his good, hard-drinking buddy in Austin, so he can look and feel his very best (in the words of Arlo Guthrie) for the interview. I’m sending vitamins.

The Garren books came. Among the Monarchs was devoured last night. So good. So close, or at least a way of expression that I can understand. The Piercing is for tonight. I can't wait.

I’m trying to order stuff every week from Amazon to keep the wheels turning. I’m with Talia, writing is hard right now. But the reason is not a mystery to me. Swarms of people keep pulling me to the surface with questions like “Do we have buttermilk?” “May I borrow your car?” “Have you seen my shoes?” and statements like “My girlfriend is spending the night.” “Mine, too.” There is a double bass in my spare bathroom named Lauren, that I have to step over if I want to pee, which I do. I can’t use the main bathroom because of a line of girls standing at the mirror straightening their hair. Lauren’s neck makes it impossible to shut the spare bathroom door. But finally, this morning, they have all gone away. Lauren is back sleeping on Tom’s bed, I can pee anywhere I like. I have two days before they swarm back. I’m dreaming of a trip to Isle Royale…

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