Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Job News

First, and most important, Tom & Crew are playing at Fiddler's Hearth tonight, 9 or 9:30-ish. Should be fun, only 15 minutes or so, enough time for a small chat, as though my chats were ever small. Come if you can. It's a nice atmosphere.

The Finlander's resume has been polished and sent. In 30 days two people will be asked to move, Grand Rapids or Cincinnatti. The lucky two people, if they decide not to move, will be let go at the end of the year. No one knows who is going to be asked. Gene has been with this company 24 years. Meanwhile, he's trying to transfer out of his department into a job with 70% travel, but no move. If that's no go, and he is asked to move, he'll go to Grand Rapids, pick up a cheap place, and Jojo and I will finish out the next 1-2 years here. There is no way I could leave one second sooner. On the good side, in the county north of Grand Rapids there is some beautiful acreage, something I've always wanted. We'll probably be in a state of uncertainty all of May.

My personal closet is now cleaned, although I did reconsider one action. I threw out a box of letters from my teenage years. They were mostly from one guy... No one thought it was a smart move, so I retrieved them from the trash before the rain came, put them back in the closet. History has not been lost, just shoved to the back of the closet.


Jennifer said...

Good to know somebody else keeps that stuff too. I figure it's something Amelia can dig out of the basement someday and relive my puppy love days. I was so intense then. Not that it'll be Bridges of Madison County or anything, just something they never knew about mom!

Talia said...

If you saved the letters this long, you might as well keep them.

I tagged you by the way.

Charmi said...

It's funny. I haven't read them since I received them, didn't read them the other day either, but it just seemed not quite right to get rid of them.