Sunday, April 13, 2008

No Slow

The next few weeks are going to go screeching by, so I was pretty happy to see these turkeys taking their time pecking through a soggy field of shaved corn out on Kern Road. The DNR reintroduced them a few years ago and every season I see more. For some reason, though, they weren't keen on seeing me, even though I got my feet wet just so we could have a chat. Suddenly they had places to go.


greg rappleye said...

We have turkeys everywhere. The woods behind our house is chock full of them.

It's rare to see a pheasant, however.

Charmi said...

That would be so lovely! I love, love, love being out in the woods.

A couple of years ago my daughter and I hiked for a couple days on Isle Royale, but we didn't get far enough in to see more than the fox and the hare... I'm trying to get a few folks to go with me this summer. I'm dying to see the moose and the wolves.

Talia said...

My mom and dad (who live near Potato Creek) have had a few cyotes travel through their yard in broad daylight.