Thursday, April 24, 2008

Next Frame

I sat through my last "real" class of my undergraduate career Tuesday, so I have a bit of relief for a week before two last finals next Thursday. I'm already starting to feel a bit odd, but not odd enough to stay out of the woods.
I've been tramping around and crawling on my hands and knees taking pictures. Everything is blooming! Yesterday, I found a lone swan preening. I watched him for a long time, but finally had to leave. Swan's can preen for an extremely long time.
Baugo Creek was full of fingerling-somethings and also a small school of blue gill. Last week, Chris and I saw a large school of suckers.
And the butterflies! I went to Borders last night and bought a field guide, but still couldn't identify this tiny little black fellow I saw with orange window panes on its wings. Maybe it's a moth. Do moths and butterflies have different field guides? Why have I never learned these things?
Good luck, everyone, on final papers and finals! Just one week to go.


Rachel said...

1. I'm extremely jealous of the many friends who are graduating.

2.I see schools of suckers everyday. What does that have to do with nature? ;)

Talia said...

My hostas shot up over night, it seems. Everything is startin all over--including me!