Thursday, January 24, 2008

Various Views From The Ice Machine


Talia Reed said...

Wow! Mountains! I've never been anywhere near there. The only mountains I've ever seen are the smokies. Nice views.

Rachel said...

Yeah, yeah, it's beautiful and all that, but you're missing an awful lot of good stuff. The Snite museum was awesome, and we took the test today. I sneaked a copy for you. Totally kidding, but seriously...are you keeping up with homework there? And I'm getting better little by little; eventually we WILL walk.

Charmi said...

Yeah, it is beautiful, but I am truly not a city person. Our hotel is on 16th Street, which is a long pedestrian-type mall area. Every time I go out at least three people ask me for money. They aren't intimidating, scary people, just panhandlers, but it drives me crazy. I want to go into mom mode and give them a long lecture. Not a one of them looks particularly in need.

About the Snite, I want to go this weekend. Do you have notes? Mme. Walker is letting me take the test on Wednesday. And yes, I've been working/homeworking ever since we came back to Denver. I've got long days in the hotel while Gene is in meetings.