Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Manchester England - Hair

I saw Hair live at the Morris Civic way back in the day. I was pregnant with Tom, so it must have been 20 years ago. A hippy chick in the cast gave me a flower.


Talia Reed said...

Where were you?

Charmi said...

Five days of work emergencies. I haven't left the house since Tues. The joys of self employment. No going to class, not much sleeping, no nothing but work. I wish what I did was more critical to the public good, then I could say, look, children, I have been sacrificing myself so that the world will be a better place. But no, I was just making money. My drama queen plans have been foiled.

Anyway, how was it and I hope that we can do this again! My whole family will attest to how loudly I complained all night about staying home and earning a living.

Talia Reed said...

Well, being the capitalist that I am, there's nothing wrong with making money. I'm all for it, so I don't blame you. Unfortunately it wasn't as wonderful as I thought it would be, being that we tend to have great turn-out for the CW events, but you know, this was Open Mic. There were some anxiety-ridden folks who refused to participate, but it wasn't bad.

Charmi said...

Well, I do like making a bit of money now and again, but what a week. I've had to beg for mercy from all of my profs, apologize to friends... I'm still working right now.

But back to open mic, we just need to keep doing it until people get comfortable with it. I'm really bummed I couldn't be there, but it's something that can grow.