Sunday, January 20, 2008

Into the Great White Open

(With apologies to Tom Petty)

I've been buried the last few days in a slew of work, so I've missed all the finer points of life like going to class and writing and even reading blogs! One morning I didn't notice until noon that my sweater was on backwards. Of course, my family didn't notice either. They just let me be. So I guess it didn't matter. But I'm chucking it all for a few days and heading out of town. I have a free flight to Denver, which is not where I would choose to go in January if I was doing the choosing, but I'm not the one choosing, just the one going along for the ride. All that being said, I'm looking forward to the naked exploration, as Talia mentioned on her blog. I haven't been to Denver for about 30 years, (yes, I know, before most of you were born) and I don't remember I thing from the last time. So, with any luck I'm going to get caught up on my reading and writing and see a few things. I'm going to take as many pics as I can for your viewing pleasure. I have a feeling the dominate theme will be cold and white.


Talia Reed said...

You know, you really shouldnt post the words "naked" and "Talia" in the same only leads to more google hits.

Have a good time. Wish I were going with you.

Charmi said...

Your search list on your blog was very funny.

We're here, but had a hell day of travel and are now suffering from a little bit of altitude sickness. I've figured out how to connect to the internet, so I'll post something soon. It is gorgeous, though.