Monday, December 10, 2007

Winter Skin

Duckweed pond, sans duckweed.

Under the train trestle.

Neighbor's driveway.


Jennifer said...

I love graffiti! I think I'm the only one who appreciates it on the trains. I can't say the same for train trustles though.

Rachel said... that underwear in your neighbor's driveway, or am I just not seeing something right?

I love graffiti on trains, always makes me think about the people in other cities who painted it and what their lives are like. I think it's cool that it connects people from inner city Chicago or something with little old me in the cornfields of Indiana.

Charmi said...

Yes, that would be boys' underwear, with a nifty design, although the exact motif I couldn't really tell you. There was another pair further down the street in a snowbank. Very clean, but extremely cold.

The train graffiti is cool.

naoko fujimoto said...

Beautiful arts!