Tuesday, December 18, 2007

December 18, 1971

It took me exactly three weeks, but I finally walked back across the street today to claim my father's things. The feeling that today was the day overwhelmed me and forced me out the door. I get these feelings. What can I say? Life has so many layers. Don't even ask me about my dreams. I'm still sorting out the box, but there is one item that I can't figure out at all, and it's spooky.

There was one newspaper in the box, The Elkhart Truth, and it was dated December 18, 1971, exactly 36 years ago today. It has no relationship to my father, that I know of. Its date is three years before he died. It's probably just a coincidence, but I'll write down some of the headlines, just in case they mean something to someone besides me.

Crane Topples: Kills Railroader
Area Police Get $88,221
Landfill Suit Filed
Icy Roads Cause Many Accidents
Humphrey Candidicay Expected
Lundquist Views Legislature Busiest 30 Days of His Life
Next June: First Global Conference on Environment
Illegal Immigration Problem
South Vietnamese Troops Press Cambodia Offensive
Henderson Acquitted of My Lai Cover-Up
End of War Beginning of New Chapter In Orient Politics
Environmental Groups May Have To Post Bond


Talia Reed said...

Wow. History really repeats itself, huh?

Rachel said...

That is EXACTLY what I was thinking. The headlines are so similar.

Andy said...

What else was in it? I head you and Paul where there, and I look in the chest 20 year back (ouch - time it way too fast). I only remember a helmet.

Charmi said...

You got to look in the box?!! I heard about the helmet, asked about it 20 or so years ago, but Karen claimed it was hers. So, she took it. It's mostly clothes, but also a nice watch, some cuff links, dad's cologne, and all the cards from the funeral. E-mail me and you can tell me what you'd like. I've set aside the watch specifically for you or Paul. The clothes are hilarious. Dad had a size 34 waist and dressed very '70s. There's a nice pair of platform shoes that will probably fit you ;-)