Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Light Most Favorable

(just riffing while I work through the mess. Trying to find that stream of consciousness place.)

Someone shouts, “Look, there’s
Elvis,” and while your back
is turned the shades go
down. But it’s all of a piece, isn’t
it? Otherwise you wouldn’t be
standing there with that
damn music, those platform shoes.
Play it backwards, perhaps you’ll
be able to claim that sound. Two,
three, twenty. Does it matter?
Night is coming. There’s no one


Frode Barth-Winslow said...

Charmi. I like this one. I think it's really sweet. Love the title.

Charmi said...

Thanks, Mike. Yes, the title, from court work, of course. Since you're a paralegal, I'm sure you understand it. On a Motion for a Directed Verdict, the evidence must be viewed in the light most favorable to the nonmoving party.

Frode Barth-Winslow said...

I actually just do military law, which is quite different from civil law. Unfortunately I'd be quite lost in civilian proceedings. "Unfortunately" because that makes me much less employable.