Saturday, December 01, 2007


I'm snowed under with work and the promise (threat?) of more work and the end of the semester. I know, everyone can relate. My laptop has a virus, Gene's car was towed back to the shop three hours after we handed over $600 to the mechanics for a new timing belt and water pump. I got home from The Chicory just in time to take his rescue-me-from-the-toll-road call (I should not be complaining about work. I'm going to need as much as I can take.) From the toll road we catapulted to Kalamazoo to have dinner with Tom and see his orchestra concert. Tomorrow, we catapult back to see his holiday jazz concert. There seems to be no room for my soul to wander toward anything else, but nevertheless, at 11:30 last night we passed this church sign:

Above All
Else Thank

And of course now I'm thinking, who would enjamb God that way?


Talia Reed said...

We just got some snow and I have to say, as long as I'm stuck at home with homework, it might as well. So sorry to hear about your car troubles. If you lived closer my mechanic father-in-law could help you. He's a genius and practically free. I don't know what we'd do without him.

May you work diligetnly and blissfully. May God have mercy on your car.

Charmi said...

Yes, but I'm just hoping God will touch my mechanic's soul and make him diligent and honest and a bit more intuitive than he has been thus far. I know that some people believe that cars have souls, too, but I'm just not quite there.

Rachel said...

My first thought was also along the lines of "interesting line breaks" for the God sign...perhaps the sign-maker is a poet.

Nonetheless, it's a good reminder on this day when I am having trouble being thankful. I must remember to thank God.