Thursday, November 13, 2008


While I was making it home safe and sound,
Gene was heading out to the Alaskan Bush.
Stop it. It's not like it sounds.

Just read a Jonathan Franzen essay on the U.S. Postal system.
I'm going to guess Tuntutuliak doesn't suffer
from the same problems as, say, Chicago might.

This is how you get there.


Ann said...

If there are no bushes in "the bush" can it be called the bush?

That last picture reminds me of the film Never Cry Wolf. Nice shot btw.

Charmi said...

I think there were a few bushes in that first pic of "The Bush." It just cracks me up that that's what it's called.

As a side note, in Anchorage there is a place called The Great Alaskan Bush Company, a strip club. Gene thought he could expand my horizons, but I relieved him of that notion.

These are all Gene's pics. He takes some nice ones.

Charmi said...

Another side note, Ann, these pics were taken in the middle of the day. Note the light and shadows. It's great for pics, not great for me!

Ann said...

I must have missed the bushes.

That is a GREAT name for a strip club! Although, as I know it, lately there isn't much "bush" to be seen on strippers. Ha

Gene does take some nice pics! He can take all the Alaskan pics he wants...just like you it isn't a place for me!

Charmi said...

See, Ann, you've just expanded my horizons. If only I would have gone to the strip club I would have been up on things. It's a good thing I have friends to help me out.

BTW, the moose picture, so dark and blurry, was only about 4:30 in the afternoon. Anchorage is losing about six minutes of daylight every day right now.

Ann said...

I could never live there. My moods are very dependent on daylight. Today was pretty good because there was sun.

And the fact that tomorrow I am going to check out a possible grad program. Yay!

Glad you're back.

Charmi said...

Excellent. Which one?

Ann said...

Bowling Green State University in Ohio, The American Culture Studies program. I have a good feeling about it and the director has been wonderful in our contact so far.