Sunday, November 09, 2008


At the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, where they have a large sea animal rehab center
along side some of the coolest displays. I spent a good deal of time with my hands inside a touch tank, feeling sea stars, urchins and anenomes. I love it, love it, love it!

This Stellar sea lion is in for rehab.

Gene's comment:
"Charmi can always find someone to talk to."
I wish I could live more lifetimes.

Harbor seal, showing us his moves.

Our second stop was another animal rehab place,
the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.
"What are you in for, buddy?"
He wasn't talking.

More elk, of course.

Musk ox. They've been domesticated to save them from extinction.
You know if I lived in Alaska what I'd have in my backyard.

Black-tailed deer.

It's gorgeous here, but Gene hasn't convinced me. There are not enough saunas in Alaska to keep my bones happy. He isn't deterred, however. While I'm blogging he's reading the Homes and Land magazine. Hah!


D.R.M said...

omg what i love these pictures especially the sealion watching the photographer ..i suppose he´s thinking who´s watching smiling..

Doug P. Baker said...

What lovely pictures! I used to live in Kodiak, but I traveled a bit in the interior too. Oh how I miss that wild land! And that wild ocean.

By the way, you say there aren't enough saunas in AK? Up there they are called banyas and they are all over the place. I lived for a summer in a banya. Looked like a shed from the street. Everyone called me Banya Bill.

Charmi said...

Hi, guys! Thanks for dropping by!

Doug, thanks for the new word, banya. I'm married to a Finn, so the sauna thing is stuck in my head. I'll have to check out the banyas. Eat some Mother Bears pizza for me down there in Bloomington, the best pizza in the universe.

Doug P. Baker said...

Oh, we love Mother Bear's and Bear's Place! So you've been in town here, I guess.

Rachel said...

So what I'm wondering is why all these Alaskan animals need Alaska where animals go to party? Is it like Hollywood for actresses?

Charmi said...

Doug - yeah, I've lived in Bloomington for a couple years here and there, a long while ago. I make my way back occasionally. I'm connected with the writer-type folks at IU South Bend now.

Rachel - the stories you've heard about alcoholsim in AK are true ;-)

Jesus Moya said...

Well, if Sarah Palin was shooting at me from a helicopter all day, I'd be, nevermind.