Saturday, November 08, 2008


No, not yet, but I'm hopeful.
Yes, that's an ice fisherman out there.

The workweek is almost over. Gene's been training a guy all week to take over the Alaska region and reminding me almost hourly that this could have been the two of us moving up here. When the job came open earlier this year I said, Hell, no. Or words to that effect. Well, actually I said something more along the lines of, That's fabulous, dear, I'll see you in the summer. Be sure and write. I would never stand in the way of a man's dreams.
I'm sure I've read a short story recently along similar lines. I can't remember what is was, though. Anyway. he interpreted that dialogue as, Hell, no. The wife-husband language is a very subtle one, full of nuance.
But now he has me up here, feeding me halibut for dinner, hot cocoa before bed, promising me long winter hikes with moose. Good thing the job is already filled. I'm such a sucker for a moose.


maeve63 said...

Ice fishermen can be way tooooo crazy. my girl's dad was a fisherman. He would go out on ice where he would have to jump back & forth to shore---f*ing nuts I tell ya! But he did bring home lots (lots) of fish. Crazy man.

Rachel said...

Everyone loves a moose.

I must say, from a purely selfish standpoint, I'm glad you're not moving to Alaska. But I have heard the scenery up there is just stunning. Of course, you make a good point about the weather...if a place must specify whether the number is "above or below zero," it would surely go in my "cons" category.

I hope you're having a blast.

Talia Reed said...

Alaska? Gene wants to live there, really? I'd love to visit, thought it's not at the top of my list, but I certainly wouldn't care to live there.

Charmi said...

Moose, ice fisherman, Alaska? What's not to love? It's gorgeous here, but my bones still ache...