Wednesday, August 08, 2007


"We’re not supposed to be trapped by our shelters but we are."

Jim Harrison The Beast God Forgot to Invent

Yes, it’s hot, and yes, I’m holed up working in my little room. Thank God for unrelenting work. The cinderblock house is on shutdown, sealed tight, two room air conditioners and one dehumidifier sucking electricity out of the power grid. The sole purpose of August in Indiana is to make us pray for January. January works the same way, but in the opposite direction. I want to hear the crickets screaming through the night, but something has to give.


Talia Reed said...

I so want to go to my mom's today and swim, but I have to finish this darn paper for tomorrow. 5 pages down and 3 more to go. And yet I keep wasting time, and if I'm not wasting it, Hadley is.

I'm glad to hear you have some air conditioners running. I still haven't mowed and we are going out of town on Friday, so it might not get mowed until Monday. I wonder how long it will get.

Charmi said...

I can always think of 500 things to do besides write a five-page paper. I mean, who wants to read that much bullshit anyway?

Here's another way to look at the lawn. It is still recovering from the stress of the drought and really shouldn't be cut quite yet. Cutting is very stressful for grass. You are practicing good lawn husbandry. I, also, am practicing good lawn husbandry. When it gets really long I'm going to practice good parenting skills and tell my kids to go mow it. It will build their characters. I'm feeling very sad right now that I didn't become a pastor. I have so much ability to instruct and lead.

Rachel said...


You're a genius. You almost make me wish I had a lawn so I could practice good lawn husbandry and kids so I could build their characters. I love it.

Charmi said...

I'm sure you'll get your chance, Rachel. In the meantime, practice on whatever you've got hanging around ;-)