Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Relative Insanity

Yes, I know, I've been fairly quiet, at least on the blog. I've been wearing my matriarch hat, (it fits me very poorly) entertaining visiting relatives, keeping the warring tribes in separate counties, that sort of thing. I should be recovered shortly, back to my old self. I probably won't be able to make it to the writers' thing on Thursday, but you really should go and make it a point to have so much fun that I regret immensely not being there. I'm already regretting it, but what can you do?


Talia Reed said...

Oh Charmi. I figured you were busy with work or something. I'm so incredibly disappointed that you won't be there. You're the glue, the mortar, the originator. We will miss you. We will be lost without you.

But maybe, just maybe you can sneak away and suprise all.

Charmi said...

Yep, work and relatives have kidnapped my mind. It would be fun to write about it, but you know how that works! It doesn't. Gene keeps saying by the time my writing experiment is over there will be no one left to come to his or my funeral.

I'd love to be there tomorrow, but I'd rather the writers just got together without the need for glue, mortar, or any of those other gloppy, sticky substances. You all will have a great time. If I can pull away I'll come. You all keep me motivated, and as you can see lately, my writing motivation meter is running in the negative numbers.

R. Sanford said...

We all have those moments of negative motivation - I can relate, never doubt. You will indeed be missed tomorrow!

Charmi said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Ryan. You all have fun.