Friday, August 17, 2007

My Assignment

The fashion gods smiled. I have a dress and a pair of sandals for the wedding. Two days ahead of time! Amazing!

My diligence has been rewarded. I have now received my assignment of wedding duties. I am the assistant dog handler. Jojo is the chief dog handler. We are in charge of dressing the dogs and bringing them to the reception and keeping them watered. I did tell my friend, the bride's mother, Whatever you need, tell me... Good thing that dress was on sale. I wonder how it looks with dog hair. Is this one of those things you can put on a resume or one of those things you deny ever happened?


Talia Reed said...

What will the dogs be wearing?

Charmi said...

Petey the pug in a tuxedo; Cosy the yellow lab in a wedding gown.

Talia Reed said...

Oh no! You must post pics of that. The pug will be incredibly cute.