Friday, August 03, 2007

The North Shore

It takes a little effort to be in love with the sky in Indiana, but the Keweenaw blues will slice your heart in two.


Jesus Moya said...

Just read that Lake Superior is at it's lowest water level in years.

Maybe while you're up there you can run a hose out to the lake and leave it running.

I think Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio woulndn't mind picking up the tab.

Facetious comments aside, The pix are great, wish

Charmi said...

The lake is low, but still as gorgeous as ever. It's impossible to take a bad picture. Have you ever made it up this way? You and Gloria have to do it! You're never to old to fall for Lake Superior.

Jennifer said...

I don't believe it, you used a polarizing lens.

Charmi said...

Um, okay, but what's a polaring lens?