Sunday, April 05, 2009


(Tom's 21st Birthday, the merest beginnings of a poem that has nothing to do with him, poor fellow. I could have at least written him a birthday poem! Or not.)

Pry from me
An open-handed moment

Tire iron and fist
Full of nails for mending

Those spinnaker hearts
Caught sailing

Into the branches
Of wintering trees

(I'm feeling better about this process. I like the idea of writing crap, but then moving on the next day to more crap, instead of spending months thinking about one thing. If I can make it through the month I'll have a tidy pile to sift through, with maybe some things to keep.)


Talia Reed said...

Absolutely! Look at you go!

SarahJane said...

Really. It's excellent NOT to dwell, but push on. enjoyed.

Charmi said...

It's certainly an entirely new work ethic for me ;-) Thank you both for the encouragement!