Friday, April 03, 2009

One-Tenth of the Way Through

(Another partial poem. Isn't this fun? No, it isn't. It's plain old work. I hope by the end of the month I'll feel differently.)

The woman in the leopard
Print dress wants you to believe

It's all natural

The American lion much larger
13,000 years ago

(And living)

Long legs capable of chasing
Down its prey

I believe in extinction

And the futility of calling
God good

In the particular

Or of calling


Louise Mathias said...

hang in there! I'm feeling a bit that way today. (I'm clearly procrastinating for one thing as I haven't started my poem yet).

Charmi said...

Thanks, Louise. You too! You already have some nice pieces.

DDL once said something along the lines of poetry is a feeling/emotion. I'm probably screwing up what he said. But so far I've got zilch in the feeling category. Ah, well. Tomorrow is another day.

Talia Reed said...

It looks to me like you're doing alright. Ambition will get you places.

Charmi said...

Like Louise said, at least I'll have something to work with at the end of 30 days!