Thursday, April 16, 2009

Limited Resources

PLAINTIFF'S ATTORNEY: I'm going to explain this to you. Before this accident, before you got injured, what were you able to do, other than work, that you now don't do anymore or can't do because of your injuries? That's her question.
THE WITNESS: Boom boom. I don't do that no more. Sex, what else?
THE WITNESS: Sex and work, that's all I did. I cooked and cleaned once in a while.
PLAINTIFF'S ATTORNEY: Did you have any hobbies?
THE WITNESS: I had kids.

Q. Have you been able to have sex?
A. It doesn't get up no more. I tried to do it with that juice, that Cialis.
Q. Were you having any problems with that before this accident?
A. No, I just had a baby.
Q. And that would have been three years before this accident?
A. Yes, it was working fine.


Talia Reed said...

Is Witness a male or a female? I can't figure it out in the context.

Charmi said...


Anonymous said...

Sex and work.

This whole thing is great.

~Eric G.

Charmi said...

I know.

Good to hear from you, Eric. Hope all is well in Korea. I'm jealous!