Friday, October 31, 2008

The White Cliffs of Oregon

My rock. Mine.
Look at Benny over there on that rock.
He thinks his shit is whiter than ours.

But we have the best resources in the world.

Pelican shit matches the color of waves.
Part of God's plan, I'm sure.


Rachel said...

Stunning. I hope you're having a wonderful certainly looks like you are.

Charmi said...

Had. We're home. I'm just getting around to posting the pics a dribble at a time.

Next summer we're taking you to the dunes, Rachel. It's time to see the world!

SarahJane said...


maeve63 said...

Beautiful! The water is so blue, too. You know, the Twilight books, that I read, take place in Oregon and mention the cliffs frequently. The movie is being released this month....excitement!!! Yeah!

Rachel said...

Um...we'll see. Aren't the dunes within an hour-long drive?

We'll see. Of course, if I get into U. of Chicago, I'll have to expand my comfort zone. If I go.

Sigh. I'm so comfortable here in my little apartment. :) I'm glad you had fun.