Thursday, October 02, 2008

Greenbo Lake State Park

I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who wanted the turkey
to be the national bird, but the raptor lovers won out.

"Be prepared to meet and accept nature on its own terms."
A weighty burden. Gene stepped in a hole yesterday
and twisted his ankle. No more hiking.

So, today we're going to try a boat ride on Greenbo Lake.

Dangerous man hiding in bamboo.


Ann said...

I really like that warning, "Be prepared to meet and accept nature on its own terms." Better than the one at Potawatomi, "Do not remove tops." I suspect they mean the grill tops but I'm just not sure. ha

Rachel said...

CHARMI, watch out for that guy in the bamboo!

And Ann, for Charmi's blog's sake, I'm going to refrain from saying what I'm thinking, but I think you can both guess it. ;)

Charmi said...

"Do not remove tops" - hilarious.

SarahJane said...

I love that "warning," too. How would one prepare to accept nature on its own terms? Like you can't wear bug spray?

Charmi said...

Yeah, funny! Preparing is always iffy. There must be a poem in that.

It also said something about "proper footwear." Gene's tennis shoes didn't quite cut it.

I hope you're having a lovely vacation, Sarah!