Saturday, October 04, 2008

Portsmouth, Ohio

The murals along the flood wall.

Across the street from the murals.




Cellar door.

Window shopping again.


naoko fujimoto said...

Nice pictures...I like the window shopping.

Rachel said...

I LOVE these. So, I'm wondering what "lunch" could possibly mean in the context of that pic. Portsmouth looks beautiful through your eyes.

Charmi said...

I'll leave lunch open to interpretation.

Portsmouth is in an interesting place. It's right on the Ohio River. We've been here a few times.

Calder said...

Great eye Charmi! Thanks for the share and for commenting on my blog too.

Peace and love!

Charmi said...

Thanks, Calder!

ds said...

I think the one with a question mark is a butterfly bush.

Charmi said...

A butterfly bush! Thanks. I really liked that one.