Monday, October 06, 2008

Oh Yes He Did

Q. All right. Sir, when were you born?
A. 1924.

Q. Thank you, sir. Do you have a scar where they did the surgery?
A. Scar?
Q. Yes, sir.
A. Yes.
Q. How big is the scar?
A. (Witness lowers pants.)


Q. (BY THE DEFENSE ATTORNEY) We're going to get to see it along with the court reporter.

THE WITNESS: You want to see it first, hon.

Q. (BY THE DEFENSE ATTORNEY) Okay. Hang on a second.
A. Five places that mother was broken.
Q. Okay. All right. Thank you.
A. I'm glad I put my shorts on.
Q. Well, that's -- that's a good plan today. Thank you.
A. You bet.


Mark said...

Ha! That made my night. :)

You have such a fun job.

Anonymous said...

once again truth is stranger than fiction. i'm still laughing!!