Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello Trees

She loves this place

Not Indiana trees.

Woman talking to tree gods.

Don't go anywhere. I'm coming right back.

And about 43 degrees when we began the hike.

It won't be long.


maeve63 said...

Tree Gods...good

Looks like a great time Charmi!

Andy said...

yea, there is big trees in CA and NV. They're huge. Didn't you go out when you came? Nice parks here. It is beautiful in CA. Sigh.

Charmi said...

Yes, the tree gods. Looks like they're claiming my daughter for their own.

Andy, darn you people. First CA claimed you and now Jojo! I can see why, though. We drove through snow on the way home from Indy...

Andy said...

I hate snow :) I barely see it now. Sean never hasn't see snow at all! I and kids need to go to the Sierras one day to play in the snow.