Thursday, October 11, 2007

Workshop Friday at Chicory Cafe

Don't forget! The weather is perfect for cafe'ing it. So drag yourself over there, or whatever it takes.


Rachel said...

It will take dragging. This weather makes me want to hole up in my apartment and sleep sixteen hours a day bundled under my lovely comforter. But since I have to be up anyway, I guess I'll come...Sigh. :)Plus, coffee's always good.

Charmi said...

The coffee is good and the company will be good, et cetera, et cetera.

Talia Reed said...

I hear Ryan can't make it because he has a very special appointment with his hair dresser.


R. Sanford said...

'Twas true, indeed. Haircut right at 3:30pm, which would have meant a trip up, back, and then up and back again for work tonight.

As I told Talia, I hate missing (yet again) for such a seemingly trivial reason, but I've needed a cut for well over a month now, and with my schedule it's rough to get one in.

Next one at the Chicory, I'm making a formal promise to attend. Perhaps the next Bucket, even.

Rachel said...

Charmi, I forgot to give you the copy of your poem with my comments on it...remind me at school this week and I'll give it to you.