Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Harmony of Angels

My daughter Jojo is in the living room, practicing on the piano, a simple piece by Burgmuller, Opus 100, No. 21, called Harmony of Angels, and I'm dead jealous. No, not of Jojo. She plays extremely well, but I can play the piece, too. It's quite simple, the version she has. Nah, I'm jealous of Burgmuller, and the music writers in general, how well they do what they do. I can tell you all about the piece, the time signature, the key, the triplets, but it's the actual sound in your ears that conveys the amazing feel, the wings. Two measures in and you're feeling something! The sound reaches the inside parts. I think poetry and fiction can do that, but it is hard! So hard. And so few do it. I should have been diligent and practiced the piano more! I know, I know, words can take you farther, if you choose them well, but I want the meaning and the feeling! What's that line from the song we both like, Jesus? "Is it too much to demand, I want a full house and a rock and roll band." Then I want everyone to go home so I can clean up the mess and write about it.


Talia Reed said...

That sounds nice. In my house there is a competition between the stereo in the living playing Hadlye's Veggie Tales cd (for the millionth time) and the kitchen radio blaring my morning news.

Charmi said...

I love the sounds. Today it is the birds that are driving me insane with jealousy. They are truly babbling, giving meaning to that word, right outside my window. It like water flowing down.