Sunday, October 28, 2007


Naoko says it's time. The writers group has survived long enough that we should give the baby a name. So think about it. Send some suggestions. We'll gather them all together and maybe by December we'll be able to choose. Maybe sooner.

Due to popular demand, and the terror of impending MFA application deadlines, we've added one more Friday in November to the workshopping schedule. Yes, I'll send out e-mail reminders and the lineup, as usual. And, of course, remind me of what I've forgotten to say.


Mark said...

I wrote a poem once called "The Honourable Fellowship of Hacks". Probably not what we're looking for, though. ;)

Hmm... I just spent half an hour trying to think of something with some distinction to it, and no luck. I'll keep thinking about this.

Charmi said...

Yeah, I'm having a brain freeze here, too.

Mark said...

Okay, I'm tossing a few ideas out, be kind in thy assessments:

The River Valley Union

The Michiana Writers Cadre

The Riverside Caucus

The Independent Authors of Michiana

The Swiss Army Poets*

*thus denoting our versatile, not-necessarily-just-poetry nature

Charmi said...

Anything having to do with water is heading in the right direction.

Mark said...

Lol, I was sitting here playing around with ideas again, and came up with "Writers of the River Muse", the only problem is that the acronym might end up being WORM... not sure how the others would take that.

Mark said...

Okay, pushing the "river" idea:

The River Valley Scribes

Aqueous Acumens*

(you can tell everyone you're going to an AA meeting...)