Sunday, April 01, 2007

Palm Sunday

It’s a beautiful, quiet Palm Sunday. No tornados. In their various corners, our dogs are gnawing bones. The college kid has taken the teenage chic to spend the weekend in the men’s dorm with him. I am probably a bad parent for letting her see the things she’s going to see. On the other hand, I would probably be a bad parent if I didn’t let her see the things she’s going to see. Next week she and I are hitting the road. She has a brand new driver’s license and a week off school for spring break and both are making her itch. One of these days, too soon, she’s going to drive off on her own without us and see the world. I hope she’ll call. In the meantime, I’m skipping school to ride beside her. We’re not sure exactly where we’re going, aside from North Carolina and the Asheboro zoo. I’ll post pics and try to write poems, but lately the poems seem harder to come by.

In the mean time, if you need some mental exercise, here’s a couple of David’s poetry assignments for you. I can’t say I enjoyed them, or liked the results I got, but perhaps it will be better for you.

Poem 1

1st person, 16 lines, more than ten syllables per line, 15 minutes

Include: Laughter, Spigot, Oak trees, Rust, Wagon, Creek, Sarcastic, There was a sound like the rush of flames

Poem 2

1st person, 14 lines, more than ten syllables per line, 12 minutes first draft, 2 minutes second draft

Include: spark, mirror, smell, collar, transition, burned, withered, There is never enough

Poem 3

3rd person, 18 lines, more than ten syllables per line, 15 minutes, use “hawk” and “giant clock” in end rhymes

Include: vase, rain, giant clock, hawk, sighed, blister, mindless, the bed was all torn up

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