Friday, April 06, 2007

The North Carolina Zoo

Asheboro has a very nice zoo, as zoos go. It's huge and wooded and fairly nature like. Jojo just read The Scarlet Ibis for her English class, so we snapped some pics of these guys in the aviary. They're gorgeous. It was also very cool to watch the giraffes move. Breath-taking even. But the best part of the zoo trip came as we were leaving. There were so many people at the zoo that we were constantly being brushed up against. As we were approaching the exit, once again, I felt someone extremely close to me. And then, a small, soft hand took my own. I looked down to find that a young boy of about seven had mistaken me for perhaps his mother. I said, "Sweetheart, I think you wanted to hold someone else's hand." Then I felt bad for calling him sweetheart because sometimes boys don't like that sort of thing. But he was fine. He took the mistake in stride, turned back, and found the hand that matched his own.

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