Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Never Happy

Occasionally I find the need to say something, like, I'm not dead. It's just the end of the semester. You know. The good news is that in a week I will be able to write words of my own choosing, read books of my own choosing, sweep the dog hair out of the corner behind the Victola, plant a few things. The bad news is I'll be away from the writers and their voices. What is a girl to do? Complain, I guess. How about you?


Talia said...

I know what you mean...I've got a stack of books I'm dying to read and none of them are textbooks. Anyone who's dying to be out of school so they can read books is definitly a geek, though.

I wish I could have gone to your poetry reading tonight. I didn't know about it until I got an accidental email from DDL that mentioned it. I hope it goes well. I also hope there is a class in the fall...wouldn't that be great?

Charmi said...

David has something going around to sign showing an interest in a poetry class for the fall, so sign! We need to keep the momentum up.

I wish you could have come to the poetry reading, too. This sort of thing needs to happen much more often, for a variety of reasons, too many to go into here. We'll have coffee/tea sometime over the summer, or some of us are talking about a picnic at Potato Creek.

Talia said...

Coffee or tea sounds great! I need to keep in touch with real people. Hadley doesn't count as a "real" person yet. Potato Creek is good, too since I live so close! I got a letter in the mail from Chancellor Reck today saying that she has forwarded my letter on to the Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences as well as the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. It would be great if something came of it.