Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tess Knew

Tess knew the soul
Could fall away from the body
And fly to a distant star.

But a star is not always needed.
A school lunch line will do.

A menu, a list, a structure.
Grey lima beans.
A place to sit down and consume.

My soul stood in the school
Lunch line once, while my body
Drug itself through dark water

Feeling for a drowned lover.

A star is not always needed.
A school lunch line will do.


Talia said...

I read this poem earlier today and for some reason none of it made sense. Hadley must have been screaming or pulling on me or something. But now that she is sound asleep and Joe is in the bathtub, I read it and it makes wonderful sense. Is this a memory? I like it very much; it's one of those momentary snapshots, something seemingly meaningless, put into a context that really sums up the world.

So now that Poetry class is done, do you feel you've grown tremendously as a poet?

Charmi said...

I wondered if it would make any sense to anyone besides me. But yes, it is a memory from my teenage years.

Now that poetry class is over I'm a little sad. I don't know that I've grown tremendously, but I feel like I have grown. I spread out all my poems on the bed yesterday in chronological order to get them ready to turn in, and I could see progress. I sure hope we get another poetry class offered in the fall. And having you in it would be great. This is the thing, as the momentum builds in the creative writing department I expect just a wonderful synthesis of minds to begin. It's exciting.

Jesus said...

recurring images of drowned loved ones- what was the story about the 4th of July picnic by the creek?

keep writing and posting!

Charmi said...

Yep. Was it David that told us it's just the same story told a million different ways? I believe that. This one pretty much nails it, though.