Friday, March 02, 2007


This March snow looks so serious and grim. Seconds later the sun is shining, the water is pouring off the roof. You can’t take March snow seriously. Birds are chattering. Spring is on its way. I’m lacing my boots. It’s almost time to go tramping through the fields to examine the stones.


Jesus said...

I don't know Charmi- have you seen an "Inconvenient Truth" yet?

It may be time to start taking all weird weather seriously.

Although, I did read Crichton's "State of Fear" and I find myself getting information from entertainment sources, next thing you know I'll be quoting the ONION. I have crossed over to the dark side.

Charmi said...

I haven't seen Inconvenient Truth yet, but I want to. And right now I'm not as optimistic about the weather. I'm just plain old cold. The sun tricked me into going for a walk on Sunday, but the wind was biting enough to drive me back inside quickly. And Gene wants to know if he's ever deported to Finland if I would go with him. Hah! He should never ask those kind of questions at this time of year.