Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dry Rivers Blue Sky

Arizona is dry, but it's a warm dry. Still, I'm a Midwestern girl. I'm not used to rivers that look like this one. All along the side of the roads and highways we see signs. "Do not enter when flooded." I'm dying to see that time. This is our second visit to Arizona and we have yet to see a drop of rain.

There's a lot to be said for a blue sky, however. You can see the birds. Yesterday two Harris's hawks and a red tail hawk circled above our heads in the desert. Later, two A10 warthogs from the military base screamed by.


Jesus said...

Fantastic photos as usuall!! Wish I was there. Hope you guys had fun.

Charmi said...

We're having fun. Have you been to Arizona? You're a Texas guy, right? All this dry is probably like home to you!

Talia said...

Beautiful blue sky is right. I have never seen any kind of desert. Your pics and comments are keeping me very intrigued!