Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Things to Come

We took a 60-mile, four-hour trip on a dirt road from Coronado National Monument to Nogales, the whole way a stone's throw from Mexico. The Border Patrol was everywhere. We got them to take our picture. The guy said no one had ever asked him to do that before. This pic, to our eyes, looks like the makings of the fence they want to put on the border. We came across several piles like this. It made me pretty sad. Thirty years ago (jeez) I was in Germany and saw the border between the east and the west. There were armed guards in towers across the farmland pointing their guns at things and a no man's zone between the two sides. We saw the makings of that here. Out our left window we saw restricted access signs and even a helicopter patrolling. Next time we come this way it will probably look more like Germany 30 years ago. The population in these parts is of a mixed mind. Some folks patrol their property like vigilantes, others leave water in the desert.


Jennifer said...

It is sad isn't it?

Charmi said...

Yep. I was amazed at the number of border patrol vehicles out and about. I understand the concern about drugs. Some of those people are pretty scary. We crossed the border into Agua Prieta (Dark Water) to look around. When we got back we read the local newspaper and found out about recent cop killings over drugs. But I don't think most of the people crossing over are drug runners!