Sunday, March 18, 2007

Vacationing Muse

It’s easier to post pictures than to write words on blank pieces of paper, but time is sifting away. I emptied my brain in Arizona. I took no books, except a couple of field guides, in the hopes that I could absorb new landscapes and think fresh thoughts. My muse must have stayed on vacation, because I’m having a hard time convincing her there is anything to say.

I have a poem due tomorrow, of course, and so far just one phrase “beneath the blue flame sky.” That phrase is quite lonely standing on the page by itself. I hope some other words show up to keep it company. It seems impossible to convince enough of my thoughts to gather together in one location for a group photo while my family is hanging around. I’ve learned this lesson before, but I keep forgetting. The dilemma of balancing the soup pot and the cabin in the woods dogs me every day.

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