Sunday, April 03, 2011

When The Dancing And Stuff Started

We would lower the lights

There are five windows with
expanded metal and an open sign

The club started to fill up
probably eleven o’clock

It was a good night
People were in good spirits

Up until that point

{Did something change?}

That family, they all kind of
Look alike to me

{You mentioned some pushing and shoving}

We turned the lights on

The parking lot emptied

{You are still inside the bar taking care of business}


When they get out, all out,
We lock the door

They had been behaving themselves
Up until that point

{Did you lock it up and leave?}

I was the last one out

{Did you see any punches?}

I don’t think I saw anybody,
Per se, do anything

{Once you get to the edge of that light
Meaning where the lights stops shining

Is it very difficult to see?}

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