Monday, April 04, 2011

It Was Always Pretty Busy

(More muddling...)

I went right in

I had seen her at the club, but I didn’t know her name

She was white and kind of nice looking

Younger than me

Kind of tipsy, kind of drunk

Looking at the body language

They were arguing

{Did something else happen}

No, nothing else happened

I turned away

{Do you recall:
Bottles thrown
Glass broken
The white female
Knocked to the floor}

It progressed

She kept trying to pick a fight
He kept trying to walk away

I think he kind of pushed her

When the lights came on
Everyone went outside

A big crowd of people

No, I didn’t see a beating

E. and S. were holding her up

They was helping her walk to the car

{Or was she being dragged}

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