Tuesday, April 05, 2011

{Did You Know The Lady}

(So the idea is this month is a first pass in a field of tall grass. By the end of the month I hope to have some sort of arc to play with.)

She worked at the Rent-To-Own

We heard a lot of noise coming
From the back of the bar
Arguing, then I saw fighting

I noticed her getting slapped
Someone pulled her hair

She hit the floor

My vision was obstructed

{Did you hear the slap}

I saw the slap

{But you don’t know who}

There were lots of people

The lights came on
I proceeded to leave

There was a crowd of people behind her

She came out quickly

I saw him run into the crowd

This was the crowd
That was hitting her

He’s wearing a sweater vest
His shirt is green

{Was she alone}

I’m not sure

{Can you indicate
Who in particular

You saw throwing these hands
That were hitting her}

I can’t

She was on the ground
Someone was

I assumed it was her

I was leaving
I don’t normally get involved in other people’s fights

{Whenever something like this happened
Would you try to get out}


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