Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Parked at the End of the Blue Star Lounge

A white lady with long brown hair,
black trench coat on, glasses

{Did that stand out at the bar at the time}

It wasn’t nothing friendly

Moving, hands moving

It went outside

You know how people be

Can I take a break
Is that possible

I need some time

We proceeded to go outside

{Was it your intent to leave}

Sometimes you stand around and mingle

Everybody gathered around

She was arguing back, pushing

She would get back up
Push back down

Spitting and pulling hair, fighting her

{Did you say a crowd}

She was in the middle

People playing music, lights

Hair swinging
I guess she was trying to hold her own

It was just really messed up

{Were you concerned}

At the time 50/50

{What was she saying}

Fuck you, niggers, bitches

{Do you recall describing it
Like animals on a bone}

I was there, you know, close by

After I saw it
I just decided to go

I left alone

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