Sunday, January 04, 2009

Tree of Life

Jojo will be turning 18 on January 12th. For this momentous occasion she has been dreaming of getting a tattoo. I want to thank all of you who have encouraged her in this quest. (Your names will not be forgotten.) Be that as it may, she's looking at a Norse World Tree/Tree of Life to put around her ankle. It sounds fairly cool. She explained to me all the mythology behind it, the golden apple, immortality... But I think she could have just written a poem.


maeve63 said...

The picture is a nice design of the tree of life. It also has all of the chakra points on it, which is pretty cool. Is this the design she's looking at specifically, or is this a picture you found for interest's sake? Either way, as tats go, I'd say it's a nice choice. Certainly not overdone to death like dragons, or tribal signs.

Charmi said...

Just for interest's sake. She hasn't shown me the actual pics yet. I liked this one, though.

Ann said...

I like that she is really thinking it through. In my opinion, too many people just pick a flash photo off the wall and it's on their body for life, no real meaning behind it. I think if you are going to wear something for life it ought to be important to you, have some special significance.

I like Jojo's idea. :)