Tuesday, January 27, 2009


January seems to be wrapping itself up, thank god, or who/whatever. Just a few more days. Yes, Oregon does sound fine. Or Washington. Or Arizona. Jojo has claimed California for her own. Greedy little thing.

On the brighter side, I had my first postop visit today. I'm still under the do-absolutely-nothing-you-would-like-to-do restriction, but otherwise things look good. The pathology report came back as expected, full of pre-cancerous cells, but nothing to worry about because the problem has been removed. Three more weeks and I might be able to go about my merry way.

I'll be passing on AWP this time around. Unlike Nicole, I have very little desire to encounter Chi-town in the winter. And really, I'm just not ready to go anyway.

Mid to late February we'll have an FGWC thing.

Oh, on the Chinese calendar, today is the birthday of all dogs. So, Bonita, Hoosier, Whiskey, Bogey, Marley, Ella, and all you other dogs, happy birthday! Go chew yourself a bone.


Unknown said...

Sorry that you won't be at AWP.

Hope you feel a lot better soon!

Charmi said...

Thanks, Greg. Have a great time at AWP!

R. Sanford said...

Hoosier thanks you. :)

Charmi said...


Talia Reed said...

Bonita thanks you, and her real birthday is next Friday. Sad that we know that isn't it?

Michael said...

Charmi, I was hoping to run in to you at AWP, but alas...

Gosh, didn't know about the surgery. I'll say you a prayer to Whatever.

I took down my blog (again). I think. At least made it private.

Oh, whatever, Great Whatever!

Charmi said...

Mike, I'll miss you and I expect a full report! Dang it.

I hope all is well in Iowa. This winter is pushing me over the edge - Indiana and I are not getting along!