Monday, September 15, 2008

Six Unspectacular Things About Charmi

Yes, it's that season again. I have been tagged by SarahJane.

1. I have a collection of rocks that sits on top of my computer desk. At last count (seconds ago) I had 28. They are pretty, and varied, but because my memory is very poor I don't really remember where I got them all. Occasionally I think they might come in handy if I need to stone someone.

2. I rarely wear makeup anymore, like since high school, 25 years ago. I never quite got the hang of it. Perhaps, if I had been more diligent at learning this skill my life would have taken a vastly different turn. Perhaps, I would be running for VP right now. We'll never know.

3. I sleep on the left side of the bed, viewed from the position of the sleepers. I can't remember if I chose this position or if my husband chose the right side. I had never slept in anything but a twin bed until we were married.

4. I've had my ears pierced twice (same place), but because I can't remember to wear the earrings, the holes always grow shut. I'm not sure what compelled me to pierce them in the first place (or the second place.) Perhaps I was bored.

5. I have washed and blown dry chickens and trimmed their toenails and oiled their legs. I was forced into this behavior by way of having children in 4-H. I am not proud of this. If I ever have grandchildren, I will draw the line.

6. The last time I changed a flat tire was in January of 1988. I was six months pregnant with Tom. It was snowing. In Michigan. On Highway 12. I have had a flat tire since then, but I couldn't get the lug nuts off (rust), so I had to call my brother. He's a very nice man.

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Talia Reed said...

re: 2. You aren't saying that pretty VP nominees are so because of how pretty they are...are you? That would be sexist.

re: 3. You've always slept on the same side of the bed? I don't understand that about married couples. When Hadley was born I switced sides so I could be near her, or near the door so I could hear her and then go to her without tripping over something. And then when I went back to work I switched again so I could be near the alarm clock since I'm the first to wake up. You people don't do these things?

re: 5 I love it! And don't be too sure about your future my grandparents. My parents do some insane things now that they'd never dream of doing for my borhter and me.

Charmi said...

#2 - I said nothing about being pretty. I was talking about wearing makeup.

#3 - There's no switching. Out of bed is left, Gene is right.

#5 - No. I'm taking this stance for the future chicken of the world and myself. No. If I don't have to wear makeup, they don't have to have their feathers blown dried.

ctm said...

I don't know six other bloggers. :( I mean, who am I going to tag, DDL?

I'll come up with six unremarkable things, though. I may have a hard time narrowing it down to six...

Charmi said...

Yes, tagging people is weird. But it's September. Things get weird in September. Do your best...