Friday, September 12, 2008

Rose's Bud

Bud, daughter of Rose.
"What? You told me go weed in the backyard."


maeve63 said...

K, what is the plant in the picture...please? I keep seeing it everywhere I go and I want to call it JoePye Weed but I'm almost positive that's not it. This is driving me crazy!

Oh, BTW, my computer is back up and running, yeah!

Charmi said...

Sedum "Autumn Joy."

Glad you're up and running again! Hope you can make it out to The Bucket next Wednesday.

Talia Reed said...

Another reason why I want a goat.

Charmi said...

So they can eat your flowers?

Part 2 of this story involves paint cans. Always firmly attach the lids to any paint cans you are using if you decide to let your goats weed in the backyard.